Monday, May 10, 2010

My second attempt with fondant. Since they messed up on the schedualing of the Wilton 3 class at my local craft store I decided to just do some experimenting on my own. My Wilton fondant was all dried up and crumbly so I found a local bakery supply store in Murray. I was so excited to know we had one not too far away. So before I ran out of steam I went over and picked up some new professional fondant, Choco-Pan. Its white chocolate flavored so it is really pretty good. I still had some trouble working with it because the sides of it were all dried up and not pliable. Luckily my order of Satin Ice fondant just arrived, and I've heard it is the best. So far it looks pretty soft so I'm excited to try working with it. Overall I think this cake turned out alright, I had a lot of problems with the fondant sticking to the table and tearing. Also the laying of the fondant was a little lumpy, probably because I did not use enough icing underneath and it was dry. I like the strawberries on the cake though.