Thursday, July 29, 2010

I made a wedding cake

My first wedding cake I made myself! Ok, so I finally got the nerve to do it. These are cake dummies, made of Styrofoam, I was not having that much cake so close to me knowing i would probably get sick eating it. I covered the cake dummies with frosting and fondant. Separating the tiers are smaller Styrofoam rounds which the roses have been attached to by wires. I also attached green ribbon to each cake. These shots were taken in my dining room.

Friday, July 16, 2010

hey dolly

Yes, another hobby. Well I found this new sculpting clay at the store that claims never to dry out, and it is true. After using Fimo and Sculpty before, I wanted to try something that wouldn't become rock hard after a few days. So I tried to make a face, but because thae clay was so squishy I had a hard time holding and working on it with out leaving imprints and distorting it. Luckily, I found this head I apparently did, hiding in one of my craft drawers. So added the new soft clay to this pre-baked head and was able to work on fashioning a lovely Marie Antoinette-esque wig. I love how it turned out with the curls and beehive. Then when I tried to put it on a cookie sheet to bake I realized it wouldn't stand so I put some shoulders on her. Later I painted it with craft paint and did some accents with brushing on colored pastels.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Nintendo Cake

I've been wanting to try my hand at sculpted cakes for awhile now so when my husband's birthday was coming up I knew I had a good reason to try one. At first I was going to do an old school computer, but then I changed my mind and I asked him what his favorite video game station of all time was. I got my answer and did my image research. We totally had one of those, we probably had every game station that ever came out considering I had three brothers. Anyways, the cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting. I am still using cake mixes, I should probably try doing one from scratch, but I haven't worked up the motivation yet. The cake sorta cracked when I was moving it before it was frosted and that's why it's not exactly perfect. Well, my husband loved it anyways.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

purse cake

Here is my first 'sculpted' cake. I watched some tutorials online and figured this would be the easiest way to make a purse. Just a round cake with the bottom sliced off. Then I traced the cake pan to make templates for the fondant pieces I adhered to it. I made the tassel out of gum paste. The makeup is fondant, but I think I will try gum paste next time to hold its shape better.

I wanted to try making a gum paste pump. Since I was a bit low on the gum paste I tried using fondant instead. Probably a big mistake cause it is already cracking a bit. I like the sole cause i mixed brown and white fondant to make that wood effect.

Next I tried to make a fortune cookie. Just cut a round shape from the fondant and fold it a bit. Cute! Now I just need to make a cake to go with it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Delicious Desserts!

My husband challenged me to make a souffle. I always heard they were hard to make. I found a recipe on epicurious.com that used semi sweet chocolate chips which I had so I went for it. Surprisingly I had all the ingredients, nothing fancy here. I think it ended up tasting more like a fudgy brownie but it was good. My egg whites didn't peak when mixing with sugar so I think I need to work on that part. Also a few days back I tried to make creme brulee, I think this was my second or third attempt. I had gone to Sur La Table downtown for the first time and picked up some pure ground vanilla extract, which is much cheaper than buying the vanilla beans and scraping the seeds out. This time I tried using my larger ramikens after filling up my smaller ones. I think they turned out great especially with the fresh fruit added on top and my husband absolutely went bonkers over them!