Monday, July 2, 2012

Sushi Cake

I am super excited I was finally able to to login to my account! It's been awhile and I really wanted to get back into doing my blog posts. So silly me, I thought I had just forgottem my password to my gmail account associated with this blog but I think I had actually been trying to login with the incorrect email as well! Oops, haven't used that one in awhile! Well thank you blogger.com for actually reminding me what my correct email was an letting me change my password! And I was able to change my url to reflect my new last name, yes, I got married! Woo hoo! Any ways, I have been up to so many new things lately, such as my cake decorating. This sushi cake I made for my husband's surprise bday party at a family sushi restaurant, Midori Sushi in Roy, Utah! Check it out if you are local, they make great food! I can't decide my favorite, it is all so good!

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Michael Batt said...

You got me good with the surprise part, I thought I was babysitting. The cake sure was tasty I remember the rice the most.