Friday, October 12, 2012

Power Puff Girls Cake

I found a book 'Cartoon Cakes' online that I thought looked pretty cool. I was going to buy it but then discovered I could get it through the library. After paging through it I discovered that most of the cakes in there are really difficult. This is the only one I finally got around to making. I think it was really cute, it was tricky to get the girls propped up, especially the one on the headboard.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Zombie Cake Attack!

My sister in law requested a Zombie Cake for her recent birthday party. Well after googling images I was pretty sure on my design. The head would need to be poking out of the ground with the hands or fingers poking out too. I set a 8" round on the rectangle cake and added a little extra angled cake behind the head to angle it up.

Then I adhered the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin pieces with a little frosting. Then I added the rolled fondant to the frosted cake. Added the wrinkles with a shaping tool, added nostrils by pressing the ball tool into the nose and cut out sections for the eyes. I made two eyeballs out of white fondant mixed with just a little red food color gel and detailed them with painted of red food color gel for the prominent veins. Added the green and black fondant to the eyes for the pupil and iris. One eye was pushed into an eye socked and one was left out to dangle. The fingers were made of thick short pretzels wrapped with leftover fondant and icing from the face. I pushed these directly into the cake. At this point I decided I wanted the face more green so I brushed on green food coloring, this also helped accent the wrinkles. I added rice noodles for the hair and red corn syrup for the gory blood. The cake was pumpkin chocolate which I read was a healthier way to make a cake and appropriate for Fall.

Kitty Cat Cake

I wanted to challenge myself so I dreamt up making a kitty cake. I just stacked two 10" rounds and carved away. Once everything was set I rolled out the fondant and layed it over the frosted cake. Thius is the tricky part, making eerything lay smooth and not picking up too much frosting and cake bits while rearranging the fondant. One I had that done I added the 'fur' with strokes of an shaping tool from Wilton. Then I added the ears by cutting out triangles from the fondant and adhering them with bits of frosting. I sprayed the whole thing with orange color mist by Wilton. Then added whiskers with cut lengths of thin wire and just shoved them in the fondant.