Friday, November 29, 2013

Toolbox Cake

A cute tool box cake. After doing some research I found out the picture I was given as a reference was from the cartoon 'Handy Manny'. This is one of the more complex cakes i have done so it took some thinking and planning to decide how I would do the tool box as well as create the tool figurines. For the figurines I used wooden dowels cut to size which I placed in my figurines while they were still soft. I wrapped the screwdrivers lower portions in a thinly rolled out fondant rectangle using edible gel as glue to secure it to the dowel. Then I let these dry standing up right in a foam block. once they were dry i create eyes with round balls of fondant, flattened the back side and cut a flat circle of fondant in half to create the eyelid. These were secured on with water and a snipped toothpick since water alone was not strong enough to hold them. Once everything was dry I used Wilton edible food spray to give the tools and screws a shiny luster.

For the tool box, I had decide early how big it would be to fit on my round cake. I created a paper template for the rectangle base. I then cut out flat shapes for the sides of the tool box. For the handle sides I drew a template and used that for cutting. I cut out a hole near the top which was the same size as my fondant covered dowel used for the handle. I let these dry for several days before attempting to adhere to the cake. i read online that it is possible to speed up fondant piece work drying time by placing in the over for an hour with just the oven light on. I will have to try that next time because I was too afraid it would ruin my work.

After I covered my tool box rectangle cake in red fondant I adhered the dry fondant toolbox sides using water. Seeing that there was still a gap at the joints of the pieces I cut out 4 tall rectangles and attached them.

I am pleased with how the cake turned out and it was a lot more work than I thought it would be!

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