Monday, April 7, 2014

Angry Birds Cake Tutorial

Every year my nephews have a themed birthday cake, this year (2012) I was asked to make an Angry Bird's cake the looked like a playing field. I would like to share with you a brief summary of how to make the cake.

For this Angry Birds Cake you will need:

• two 8 x12 inch chocolate cakes
• Grass Piping tip and bag (optional)
• green buttercream
• chocolate frosting
• chocolate covered wafers
• at least three cigar shaped cookies
• small ball of brown gumpate
• gray fondant for the rubber band
• fondant shaped angry birds (red, yellow, and green for the piggies)

First bake, cool and cut one of your large rectangle cakes in about half widthwise. Then cut one of those halves in half widthwise. This will be used to stack on top of one another to build our playing field.

Decorate the sides of your cake with chocolate frosting, this could also look really good with crushed Oreos pressed into it to resemble dirt! Then add your green frosting by spreading on loosely with a spatula. If you have the time and patience you could use a grass tip in a piping bag to create hundreds of grass blades. Since I was lazy I just did this around the edges. Once you have frosted the first layer of the cake add the second layer and then the third.
 At this point you will want to create your little piggies and birds using red, yellow and green fondant. I used reference photos online to help. I had some black frosting on hand for the details but you could also use black fondant pieces.
 Here ois my cute husband modeling some birdies ready to take flight.
For the slingshot I cut two cigar cookies down a couple inches and smashed them down into a ball of brown gumpate. I let this harden overnight. You could also use toothpicks inside the cigars to reinforce the slingshot. I then wrapped a long piece of gray colored fondant around the slingshot with a bit of brushed on water and let the bottom rest on the cake. 

I waited til I reached the party to place the wafers on the cake, but they could also be adhered prior with a bit of frosting. Don't forget to place your cute piggies and birds in a fun arrangement and you're DONE! Enjoy!

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