Monday, April 28, 2014

Batman Cake

I knew I had to make something special for my husband's birthday and since I had some recent experience with cake toppers thanks to the class I had taken and the assistant job I started at Carrie's Cakes I felt up for the challenge! To make the topper I put a wood dowel in a foam block cut to about the height I needed. I also twisted a floral wire around the dowel to support the arms. I then brushed on some crisco and started placing on clumps of marshmallow rice treats around the dowel and then onto the wires for arms. Once I was happy with my cereal sculpture I melted some chocolate and brushed it on with a butterknife. When it hardened I brushed that with some crisco and attached large pieces of rolled out fondant. I find it easier to try to use as few pieces as possible to avoid unsightly seams. For instance, Batman's shirt is big gray piece. After I placed the large rectangular piece I sort of poked holes where the arm holes are and then just pressed the fondant around the arms and waist. Luckily he has a nice cape to cover any and all of the unfinished parts on his back.

Making of Batman

 The birthday boy! He loved it! HBM stands for 'Happy Birthday Mike' since he once made me a cake and had scrawled out HBK on it in jam to stand for Happy Birthday Kristen. :)

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