Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seattle Seahawks Jersey Cake and Tutorial

A fabulous cake for a big Seattle Seahawks fan! Yellow cake with caramel buttercream frosting and fondant.

Start with a rectangle sheet cake. Two can be stacked for more depth. Cut off the top 1/4 part of it. Then cut that left over bit at a diagonal to create the sleeves. Reposition the sleeves like so. 

Once your cake board is covered in fancy foil add a little frosting under each piece to secure it in place. For a less boxy shape I carved into the cake making rounded sleeves and a rounded torso as well as a a rounded out neckline. Cover in frosting smoothly.

Add the base color fondant. I also used an impression mat to give the fondant some tight woven texture like that of a jersey. I used 'Varsity' font to base my numbers and letters off of. Type out the desired numbers and letters and they can be used as a stencil to cut out the letters accurately. Once they are cut attach them with a little water. Then use an extruder to create small ropes in contrasting color, I used green, then added these and then used a wilton embosser wheel tool to create the sewed look.
I arranged my letters on a rectangular patch and ran the wheel along it. Added green stripes along the neckline and stripes on the shoulders as well as the sleeves. I finished it off by adding ropes around the bottom edge of the cake and along the torso.

Happy Caking!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Groom's Cake Boxing/MMA, guitar, Vans

I was delighted to make this groom's cake featuring the groom's favorite things- boxing/MMA, guitar and the Vans shoes he and his groomsmen would be wearing. So fun! Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant.