Saturday, October 18, 2014

TMNT Sewer Cake

What kid doesn't love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This 4 year old sure does! I love this design with the turtle peeking out and the little slice of pizza on the board! His age was added to the sewer cover and silver luster dust to make it sparkle. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blue Baby Boy Buttercream Cake

It's not often I'm asked to do a buttercream cake, so it's always a bit of a challenge to pull out my old school buttercream skills. For this one I used fondant accents to dress it up. I love the little polka dot onesie and the daisies. Marble cake with vanilla buttercream.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Supernatural Impala Cake

Apparently my sister in law is now into the show "Supernatural" and has watched every episode in a very short time on Netflix. I've watched a few episodes but usually decide it's a little too freaky for me and having the imagination that I do those images don't leave my head for a few days which make it hard to fall asleep at night. However, in the spirit of Halloween, and all things creepy I decided to do a tamed down sculpted impala, the car the demon hunter, Winchester brothers, drive around in between haunts. I included a picture of my sister in law between the two brothers to help in their adventures. The cake is pumpkin spice, because this time of year I am obsessed with pumpkin and has caramel buttercream. Here are some pictures of the car I used.

The picture I used in Photoshop to make the boys seated in the car because I couldn't find a good one.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Metallica Cake and Tutorial

Source material below.

I kind of love getting these manly, rock design cake requests. It's quite a departure from what I normally do and just so fun! First, I covered the cake in black fondant. I knew I wanted to incorporate a chain into the design. With my extruder I made some long medium sized ropes with gray fondant. I then cut them to size and formed an 'O', using a bit of water and brush I adhered the Os to the side of the cake leaving about an inch in between each one. Then I cut ropes a little larger then half the length of the links to make the side ways links, adhering the ends to the side of the cake which fit between the links, see picture below.

As for the skull, I started with a light brown patty shape and then smushed and molded it into the general head position. I used a large ball tool to form the dents for the eye socks, nose and ear hole. A tiny blade was used to make some of the cracks in the skull. I made two large brown bats and cut them in half. I then placed one so it would look like it was coming through the skull (lots of jagged edges here help the look) and one coming from behind the skull. I made yellow teeth which I placed into teeth sockets using a little water. Maybe they were a touch too yellow. Someone needs to get to the dentist. Lol. Using left over gray from the chain I extruded some ropes for the metal pieces coming from the bats, cut those to various lengths, rolled one tip out to form a point and let those dry for a bit.

I made holes in the bats with a small ball tool and started to push in my metal barbs cause I just couldn't wait any longer! In the meanwhile though I started painting the skull with brown food coloring mixed with vodka. The alcohol evaporates quickly leaving just the diluted food coloring behind. I also added black in the same fashion there on the eye sockets, ear, nose and even some cracks just to get a little crazy. I kinda liked the watercolor effect of the original logo and tried to replicate that look.

Next up was adding the birthday boy's name and age. For logos like band names I usually google the name like 'Metallica free font'. Then download it, open photoshop, write out the message, print it, cut it, and using an exacto knife trace and cut it out of fondant. Whew! Since I couldn't find a really good matching font I just created my own using  a stand set of letter cutters for the middle letters and then getting a little creative with the first and last letter shapes with my exacto knife. Below is the band logo and then a detail of what I did. Kinda had to get creative since I didn't have a bunch of room with the chains in the way and all.

After that I decided I should add the 'damage inc." which I wasn't really going to add but then decided it looked kinda blah without it there. So I cut rectangles out of black and white fondant and used two sets of letters that I had, stretching some letters to created the longer letters. Finally, one of the funnest parts was just adding the Silver Luster Dust, again, mixed with vodka, to the metal parts of the cake. It really makes them stand out an look super shiny and realistic. Well, that is all I have to say about that. Hit me up with any questions you may have about this in the comments section below. Rock on, party people!