Sunday, October 5, 2014

Supernatural Impala Cake

Apparently my sister in law is now into the show "Supernatural" and has watched every episode in a very short time on Netflix. I've watched a few episodes but usually decide it's a little too freaky for me and having the imagination that I do those images don't leave my head for a few days which make it hard to fall asleep at night. However, in the spirit of Halloween, and all things creepy I decided to do a tamed down sculpted impala, the car the demon hunter, Winchester brothers, drive around in between haunts. I included a picture of my sister in law between the two brothers to help in their adventures. The cake is pumpkin spice, because this time of year I am obsessed with pumpkin and has caramel buttercream. Here are some pictures of the car I used.

The picture I used in Photoshop to make the boys seated in the car because I couldn't find a good one.

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